"Empowering Young People to Take a stand!"

"I can," "I will," and "I am"


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Mission: Empower Youth to Stand in their individual greatness and live from a place of responsibility and power.
Vision: To utilize character education as a tool that will spark awareness and ignite the joy and gratitude of self realization.

We believe

We are on a mission to give children and their families an opportunity to harness great results in their lives by transforming their thought patterns. Through daily practice and application their lives can be filled with endless possibilities of joy, abundance and gratitude. We believe that most youngsters are able to operate on a high level of conscious thinking when their bodies are properly nourished. They are able to make sound decisions, their energy level is consistent, and they are attuned to the environment around them.


VIP believes that participants will walk away with awareness of who they are in the world

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Under 21 Art Event June 28th, 2014

Come join us for 5 explosive weeks of art. Learn how to allow your creativity to flow effortlessly. each week learn something NEW from a different artist all while learning about your a different artist all while learning about your inner artist. See you there!!

Under 21 Art Event June 14th, 2014

Are you still searching for that perfect Father's Day gift? Stop looking and come join Under 21 Art Program for a few hours of creativity and fun.

Under 21 Art Event June & July, 2013

Get to know your inner artist this summer through painting, sketching, sculpting, hula...

Under 21 Art Event February 9th, 2013

We are glad to announce our largest event ever. Join the Under 21 Art Event and Create...

Under 21 Anniversary Party October 13, 2012

We have accomplished so many things in a short period of time and with little effort. We...

Under 21, Jun 14th 2012

Eight months ago I had an idea to start an art program that will embody the principles of...

Under 21, Jan 7th – Jun 8th, 2012

Please join us on June 15th for an amazing adventure. Summer is around the corner!!!!...

Under 21, Oct 8th – Dec 10th, 2011

All these pictures were taken before the gallery exhibit. You can browse through the...

Art Show, December 17th

Under 21 will have its first art exhibition at the Village Studio Gallery located at 514...