About us

Andrea Michelle taught in New York City prior to moving to Florida. She has a BA in General Education from the State University at Oneonta and a Masters in Special Education from New York University. She is one of the founding Director of the TOFA Gratitude Camp in Lake Worth and the mastermind behind Virtue In A Pocket (VIP), a transformational character development program. Currently, she is an exceptional third grade teacher at the South Grade Elementary School, and founder at Under 21 Art Program.

Andrea Michelle Ible, a single mother of two, discovered her passion for education and empowering young people by the time she was ten years old. Her personal learning experience and later academic studies led her naturally to working with kids requiring special attention helping them wrestle with challenges ranging from Learning Disabilities to Autism. Andrea Michelle is passionate about drawing out the potential of each student. She is committed to improving their communication and self-motivating skills through character development. She believes all students can be successful by transforming the way they think about themselves and the world they live in. Her joy to maximize possibilities for every student is palpable.