Under 21 Art Program Participants

I love that I can express how I feel and make new friends. Guivelande, 14
I enjoy coming to under 21 because we get to draw and express ourselves. Michael, 9
Experiencing under 21 has benefited my life and has left an impact in my own gallery that will last forever. Toyia, 14
Its almost like a whole new family. Camila, 16
It has made a difference in my mind and the way I think. Andrea, 13
It has taught me how to express myself openly, to be lovable and to make each other feel better. Tsar, 8

Under 21 Art Program Parents

Our children have been attending Under 21 Art program with Andrea and it has been a great experience for them. They have developed a self confidence and appreciation for art that will last them a lifetime. It is amazing to see the rapport and loving relationship that Andrea develops with the children in support of their growth and development. We can hardly wait till the next Under 21 program!

Dr. Mark & Jeanette Denker Boca Raton, FL

What I appreciate the most about the Under 21 Art Program is that my children are in relationship with Andrea Michelle, the founder. She embodies the principles of living that are open and are always being discussed. Their conversations about art, life and their role in the world have a profound impact on the choices they make in school and at home. My children range in age from 8 to 16 years old, and they all get that they are an important piece of the puzzle of this world. They understand that art is in the eye of the beholder and that they are creating their reality every day. Thank you, Andrea Michelle, for opening their eyes and training them to “see”!

Julia Blanchard Lakeworth, FL

For the past two years the Virtue In A Pocket program (VIP) and Miss Andrea Michelle have impacted my children’s lives in so many ways. The program has taught them to take responsibility for their actions and to be respectful to everyone around them. They are no longer afraid to reach for the stars. Due to public schools cutting art programs particularly in middle and high school, it is so important for them to have other avenues to express their creativity. The under 21 art program has given that to them. Thank you VIP. We are so excited to attend your upcoming programs. Keep up the good work.
The Smith family Boca Raton, Fl