VIP Character Education

Virtue In A Pocket (VIP) is a character education curriculum designed to improve communication, increase self motivating skills and community service. VIP provides participants with tools they can apply in their daily lives that will assist them in managing their emotions and behaviors effectively. PAL (Practice, Apply and Live) is a program designed by VIP to support the participants in being their best. Participants are encouraged to work together as a team to spread joy and live in gratitude.

VIP offers a seven week intensive program. The cost of the program is based on the needs of the school or organization. All programs are customized to fit the needs of the school or organization. The program is designed to explore, discover and embrace the maximum potential in all students. Each week students will participate in the discovery of who they are in an intense, fun and exciting adventure of learning one virtue at a time. The virtues are taught using Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning through games, movement, writing, art, presentations and projects. To ensure understanding and application of the virtues, students are given a set of cards at the end of the week.

Each week students are on a mission called “each one, teach one.” Their assignment is to teach others what they’ve been taught that week. They are given instructions to go about their lives as usual with one exception. They are to observe their natural environment through the lens of the week’s virtue. Through those lens they are to observe acts of the virtue being exhibited by another. Therefore, when someone gets “caught” being responsible, honest, in integrity, in gratitude, forgiving, in service to another, or trusting, they are given a virtue card. The cards are signed and dated by the giver. The new owner or receiver of the card is instructed by the giver to “pay it forward” using the same lens. In addition, he/she is responsible for providing instructions to the next person on what to do with the card. The final card holder is responsible for returning the card to the original owner.

All card holders are responsible for completing the virtue log. The log can be placed inside the classroom or in a public area of the school that is easily accessible to all students. The log includes name, date, time and event.

To ensure success of the program VIP staff works very closely with all teachers, principal, faculty, staff and parents. Our job is to make sure that the children are successful in all areas of their lives.  Parents are a huge component to the success of the program. We conduct parent surveys to find out the needs of the home, have weekly conference calls and small group meetings. Teachers participate in VIP professional development workshops to explore the academic needs of the students, the development of effective behavior plans, how to motivate the students, powerful techniques to keep the drive, energy and enthusiasm of teaching consistent and long lasting.

Data is collected before, during and after the program. Participants are notified on their progress during conferences. They are informed on how to read and analyze their own data, how to create and implement effective strategies that will work to improve areas of need through goal planning. We celebrate ALL successes through praise, ceremonies and events. At the end of the seven weeks the participants will graduate. They will create a community event as a way of expressing what they’ve learned and to celebrate their accomplishments.

All graduates are assigned to a mentor or guide to support them throughout the year as they continue to embody the virtues.

Our desire is for all students to experience knowing and believing they matter, are prepared for new challenges and willing to use their power to make a difference in the lives of everyone around them.