This program is designed to empower students to be their best academically, socially and emotionally.  Through daily practice and application of the virtues, students are taught how to think and ask powerful questions that will open up their field of knowledge to find the answers within.  Students are mentored on a weekly basis. The mentor is in partnership with the student to develop ways to master the subject that is their weakest strength and to find ways to own the information as an increased and developed skill.


V.I.P offers small group and 1:1 tutoring sessions for students ages 5-13.  Each session is specifically designed to meet the need of the child.  Our program offers a holistic approach in gaining progress in areas of academics, social and emotional skills. Parents are expected to participate in monthly conferences to discuss the child’s strides in all areas and to provide feedback that will enhance the growth of the facilitator and the child.


The teen mentor program offers an opportunity for children in the same age group to discuss issues they are faced with on a daily basis.  These sessions are facilitated by an educator who guides and directs the conversations using questioning skills. The teens in this program are the teachers (each one, teach one). They mentor each other. This group is designed to support and encourage one another to be their best, while developing lasting relationships in a safe community of like minded friends. All participants are expected to master existing skills and develop new ones for academic and life long successes.