Volunteer Artists

Stephen Backhus

is an interdisciplinary artist and educator. He completed his undergraduate studies in Drawing and Sculpture at The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2002 and completed his Master’s degree in Sculpture/Expanded Formats at Indiana University in 2008. Stephen creates site specific installations and performances that incorporate his Drawings, Sculptures, and Collages. He has exhibited his work nationally and internationally utilizing both traditional and alternative venues, to include Art Basel. Stephen’s teaching practices mirrors his art practices utilizing a variety of mediums and creative vehicles to create site specific educational art programs. As the Outreach Program Manager for the Milagro Center, he develops unique and tailored programs that teach youth to discover their individual creativity which empowers them to reach their highest potential . Through the Milagro Center’s Outreach Program Stephen has served hundreds of youth involved through Palm Beach County at organizations such as the Haven, The Arc, The Quantum House, Virtue in a Pocket, Kids in Distress, and Head Start.


Chris Gostling

I am a High School Teacher from England. Since taking semi-retirement I spend 6 months of the year here in Lake Worth and 6 months back in England. My subject is Art and I love working with young people. I find myself learning so much from them, they have enriched my life incredibly over the past 30 years. I have taught in a variety of settings and positions – Head of Department, Year Manager, Vice Principal and Principal. The schools themselves have been varied, Secondary School (High School), Special schools working with youngsters with a variety of disabilities and running my own school set up for students that could not be placed in regular schools because of their problems. I was anxious to prove that these young people were educable and should not be written off……mission accomplished!


Rolando Chang Barrero

Current:Founder and Artist at AcivistArtistA Gallery/Studio LLC. Past Experience: Galleries Director(interim-position) at Miami-Dade College -Center Gallery,Inter-American Gallery, Wolfson Galley Co-Founder of Ground Level Galley, South Beach Internships: Randolph Street Galley, Chicago Latino Fine Arts, Chicago



Artist/educator alan burgess has over a decade of experience working towards the artistic and educational development of young people, particularly those seen as “at risk”. HE currently serves as The mentor and volunteer coordinator at the milagro center, a non-profit arts and education center in delray beach, florida. he has also worked as a consultant with “educate kids inc.” a company that provided f.c.a.t remediation for the state of florida’s school districts. in addition he has conducted poetry workshops in the high schools of palm beach, broward and miami-dade counties under the auspices of “write side poets inc.” educated in film studies at temple university tyler school of art ( phil a., pa.) and photography at the center for media studies (nyc) alan’s primary source of expression has been photography. his work has been seen in various group and individual shows in n.y,philadelphia and south florida. most recently as featured artist at “the center for spiritual living” in boca raton, fla. and in a collaborative piece with artist steve backhus for “Miami freethinkers” miami, Fl.



Firey, breathtaking flow-master, Danielle spins out of gratitude for the art of hoopdance. Her spontaneity and athleticism combines in thrilling performances. Inspired by hoopdance as a meditative practice, Danielle sharpens her skills tirelessly, exuding effortless grace and excitement in the spin. After training to become a HoopGirl Certified Workout Instructor in June 2008, Danielle delighted audiences at the Lake Worth Playhouse, Clematis By Night and the Miami Art Museum, and countless smaller performance venues. If there’s good music in the air you can expect Danielle is there, spinning a glorious smile into her dance. Danielle designs intricate hoops of exquisite beauty, sharing the joy of hoopdance with newcomers and experts alike! She encourages you to freely express yourself, embrace your creativity, and, most of all, PLAY!



A born teacher and joyful dancer, Casandra combines detailed instruction with loving guidance because “YOU CAN DO IT!” She picked up hoopdance practice as a fun, expressive way to keep fit in 2005, and trained to become a HoopGirl Certified Workout Instructor in June 2008.

Casandra teaches and performs throughout the state of Florida, often incorporating hoopdance in surprising poetry performances! Known around her home city of Lake Worth, FL as “the Hula Hoop lady,” she exudes playful enthusiasm and exuberance for LIFE as a learning journey. Celebrate your body and the rhythm all around you!


Alejandra “Ale” Abad

Motion Graphics and Illustration Whiz Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Ale is an amazing illustrator with a penchant for dense, fantastical landscapes and whimsical character designs. It’s no surprise that artistic thinkers like musicians, writers, and artists tend to want to work with her. Her out-of-the-box thinking and desire to experiment lead to some of the most original work in town. Click on the blue links to visit:

Her Blog

One by Four Studio


Kris Delgado

Kris is the founder of KWAK, and has been painting most of her life. Her effortless journey in expressing important world issues such as corporate greed has been widely and purposefully spreading not only Nation Wide, but is officially World Wide in public spaces as well as through social media. You can find her work as far as Germany, France and Amsterdam.

Besides seeing her work at local galleries Kris is continuously featured in various charity events and local venues as a live artist, where she produces a new painting at each event, which allows the crowd to witness her entire creative process. For more information about any of Kris’ artwork, check out her website www.theKwak.com or follow her blog at www.theKwak.me

Please join us for an amazing adventure as we explore the unknown with Mrs. Delgado on January 28th, 2012


Denny Reed

is an emerging female artist in South Florida who offers workshops and personal coaching in ‘expression’ for personal development. 

Denny owned and operated an international seminar business for 25 years and taught emotional intelligence and personal development in her 5 centers worldwide (Europe, North America and the Caribbean).

She believes that personal integrity and personal expression is the foundation for a balanced life.

A self-taught artist she began painting in February 2008 to express how she felt. What emerged was a deep inner truth that she was delighted to discover.

Her life path changed direction.

She is a published artist in ‘Heart of a Woman’ available through Amazon.

She placed 3rd internationally in the September 2010 exhibit ‘Abstraction’ for the Light Space & Time – Online Art Gallery, a contemporary art gallery for new and emerging artists. In this exhibit 150 artists competed from 15 different countries. Some of the countries represented include Canada, Russia, United Kingdom, Thailand, France, Taiwan, Australia, Croatia, Ireland, Sweden and the United States.

January 14th workshop at 11am-4pm located at The Art Garage. 422 West Industrial Site Boynton Beach, Florida 33426


Diana Geren

I was born and raised in Colombia. For 10 years my husband and I have lived in Florida.

Most of my life I have been working in the medical field in Colombia and in Real Estate in USA, a few years ago I decided to change my career and work in photography which is my passion.

I’ve always had interest for photography, I remember my first camera. It was a Kodak 110 with cube-flash. Only until 2004 when I traveled to Alaska had I started using digital. I have lived in the Florida Keys for 9 years and developed my eye a little more by shooting sunsets, nature, and underwater photography.

Why photography? Well, there‘s something so special about it, first I have the opportunity to capture moments, and second I get to share those moments in a few different ways. It can be a great business opportunity, or a fun way to connect with others. The amazing thing is that I always get special memories, and I learn from it.

Now I have the opportunity to share the fun of photography with the members of an Under 21 Program. Here I’ll experience one of the qualities of looking through the lens. One of my greatest pleasures is when I stop and observe the magnificent and incredible beauty around me, and how I capture moments, showing feelings, emotions, shapes, shadows, color contrast, etc. Also I get to make up a story base on the scene that I am looking at in the moment, or just simply to discover the magic in the world. Blog: http://Diana-captured.blogspot.com

Web: www.DianaGerenPhotography.com