What is VIP?

VIP is a conscious thought process that embodies ideas and gestures of seven virtues. Each virtue (Responsibility, Honesty, Trust, Forgiveness, Integrity, In Service and Gratitude) is a representation of a young person’s character. The virtues are shared expressions of being connected with one’s self and the community.

VIP is on a mission to give children and their families an opportunity to harness great results in their lives by transforming their thought patterns. Through daily practice and application, their lives can be filled with endless possibilities of joy, abundance and gratitude. We believe that all students are able to operate on a high level of conscious thinking. We also believe what children put into their bodies affect their functionality throughout the day.

Staci Smith is a Certified personal chef, a member of the United States Personal Chef’s Association, and is a Holistic Nutrition coach at Nutritious Family. She believes that through proper education and support, vibrant health can be achieved. She provides our youngsters with tools on how to make sound decisions when grocery shopping with their parents and during meal time selections. They are taught how to make simple healthy meals and are given recipes for future use.

During our programs we ask all participants to refrain from eating artificial sugar. They are encouraged to monitor a change in their energy level, behavior and mood when sugar is removed from their diet. At the end of the program they are given a choice to reduce their intake sugar intake, remove all artificial sugars from their diet, or return to their old eating habits.

In addition to healthy eating we also partake in daily yoga, meditation, body strengthening exercises, hula hooping, daily gratitude walks, journal writing and community service projects.

We encourage participants to think from a place of “I can,” “I will,” and “I am.”

We communicate with the parents and or guardians through weekly coaching calls. We encourage daily calls as well.